Wellness Workshop: Care of Hair, Scalp, Skin, Muscles, and Joints

Clinic Guest
April 4, 2017
Vali Ambat ( Malabar Spinach Curry )
April 11, 2017

Yesterday’s Wellness Workshop (4/6/2017) focused on the care of hair, scalp, skin, muscles, and joints. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Please check out our website, www.NaturalMedicineAndAyurveda.com for more information about upcoming workshop topics, held every other Thursday from 6:30pm-7:30pm at our clinic.

Highlights from yesterday’s workshop:

Self-Massage/Abhyanga: applying and massaging warm, often herb infused oil, to the body. Traditionally this is done everyday before bathing.
The skin absorbs the nutrition from the oil and transports it into our blood circulation which in turn helps in maintaining good health by providing a boost to our immune system.

Head-Massage/Shiro-Abhyanga: Helps attain clear vision and prevents headaches, promotes good sleep, and strengthens hair roots, and prevents pre-mature graying and falling of hair.

Foot-Massage/Pada-Abhyanga: Heals cracked feet, dried soles, fatigue, and numbness of feet, feet become strong and firm, promotes good sleep, reduces anxiety and stress, activates the immune system, and helps maintain good eyesight and hearing.

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