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We help you make better natural health choices

· We are Dr. Shanbhag’s team of 7 Integrative Health Experts with a state-of-the-art Natural Medicine Clinic, Academy & Wellness Spa in the Santana Row area of San Jose.
· Dr. Vivek Shanbhag is the ONLY Licensed Naturopathic Doctor in California with 30 years’ experience as a Professor, Author & Ayurveda Expert. His 16 years of medical training includes ND(Naturopathic Doctor), MD-Ayurveda & BAMS
· As primary care doctors, we use advanced diagnostics & clinically proven herbal medicines with modifications in lifestyle & diet to prevent disease, treat acute illnesses and permanently reverse chronic health conditions.
· Natural Medicine & Ayurveda has a high success rate in treatment of Overweight, Low Energy, Various Pains, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Digestive, Respiratory & Stress Disorders

· Our successful programs for those with acute or chronic diseases:
1. Total Natural Health (4 visits of Integrated Diagnosis, Treatment & Wellness).
2. Whole Body Natural Detox & Rejuvenation (7 day Pancha Karma)
3. Boost Metabolism & Lose Weight (8 weeks)

For healthy people interested in prevention:
1. Natural Medicine & Ayurveda Wellness (60 minutes)
2. Know your Bio-Chemical Individuality(Mind-Body Type / Ayurvedic Dosha Type(30 minutes)

Dr. Shanbhag and team specialize in treatment of Acute & Chronic Diseases like:

Acne Anxiety Arthritis Asthma
Auto Injuries Cancer Depression Diabetes
Digestive Disorders Eczema Fatigue Fibromyalgia
Food Allergies Hair Loss Headaches Heart Diseases
High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Hyper Acidity Joint Pains
Low Back Pain Low Immunity Memory Problems Menopausal Syndrome
Menstrual Problems Migraines Obesity Prostate Disorders
Psoriasis Sexual Dysfunction Sinusitis Sleeplessness