Upcoming Wellness Class: 3/10/2018

Dr. Samika presents at Willow Glen Yoga & Upcoming Wellness Class
February 19, 2018
Daily Health Routine: Dinacharya
February 27, 2018

Upcoming Wellness Class:

Sat March 10, 9 – 10:30am

Nutritional Seeds to Balance Digestion & Hormones


Register before Feb 28 and pay only $30, after Feb 28 Regular cost: $40

* Learn how to use specific culinary spices for efficient digestion

*Understand which seeds to implement to balance hormones

*Enjoy our state-of-the art teaching classroom

Class led by Dr. Samika Savanur, ND specializes in Women’s Wellness & Digestive Conditions. She inspires individuals to take charge of their health and aids them in making proper lifestyle changes to achieve wellness.

Limited space, Please register by ASAP by calling 408-320-2434  OR  email: NaturalMedicineAndAyurveda@gmail.com

344 South Monroe Ave, San Jose, CA 95218

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