Time To Spring Cleanse

Happy 2019!!
January 5, 2019
Dr. Shanbhag Speaks at NAMA Conference
April 10, 2019
Spring is the season when many people de-clutter their life and invest time in cleaning their homes and backyards. How about giving your body the same kind of care and attention by performing a spring cleanse, or in Ayurveda, Pancha Karma.
Pancha Karmas are natural detoxification and rejuvenation procedures for effectively removing accumulated toxins from the whole body. These natural treatments first loosen the toxins. Next they liquefy the loosened toxins and remove them from the body. To rid the body of accumulated toxins, Pancha Karma includes use of individualized:
  1. Detox diets
  2. Detox exercises
  3. Nutritional supplements & Herbal Formulas (Deepan/Paachana)
  4. Mild fasting (Langhana)
  5. Lymphatic Detox Massage with medicinal herbal oils (Abhyanga)
  6. Detox Massage with herbal powders (Udvartana)
  7. Five Senses Detox (Shiro-Dhara + Nasya + Karna-puran)
  8. Circulatory Detox Sauna for sweating (Swedan)
  9. Upper Digestion & Metabolic Detox with herbal purgatives (Virechan)
  10. Lower Digestion & Metabolic Detox with gentle enema therapy (Basti)
For more information about our rejuvenating  Pancha Karma program (“New You In Seven Days”- Whole Body Detox), please click here or call our clinic at 408-320-2434.

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