Who is Mr. Vata ?

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January 26, 2017
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January 30, 2017

Understanding Mr. Vulnerable Vata


Mr. Vata is the Headmaster of our complete nervous system & some aspects of endocrine glandular system that coordinates the metabolism and most our sense organs.


He also manages the functions & structures responsible for all the communications within the various cells, tissues, organs and systems within our body as well as the communication by the individual with others with the help of their senses.


Mr. Vata is the transporter! He deals with transportation of matter or impulses and movements within a person’s body and mind.


His family is responsible for the pumping action of the heart, the breathing process in the lungs, the peristaltic movement of the intestines, and all the movements of the bones and muscles.


When Mr. Vata is happy, he possesses excellent intuition, imagination, resilience, sensitivity, & spontaneity. Make him upset & he us indecisiveness, exhilarated, afraid, insecure and quite doubtful.


Air and Space form his blood & bones. Oh, he is full of it!


Wondering what might be the features of Mr. Vata? You can guess him from his structures and functions, which usually are – dry, cold, light, quick, rough, unstable and subtle.


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