May 18, Cooking Class Only $45 (Includes Spice Box)

Tri-Doshic Okra Dish
May 9, 2017
Wednesday Wellness: Coriander
May 17, 2017

Good health starts with digestion, let food be thy medicine

ONLY $45 for Cooking Class & 1 Ayurvedic Spice Box (save $25)

* See how to cook quick & tasty dishes
* Taste recipes which are healthy yet yummy
* Learn how to use healing culinary herbs
* Explore cooking for your mind-body type & metabolism
*Enjoy our state-of-the art outdoor teaching classroom

Thu May 18, 6:30 to 8:00 pm- Lunch, mid-afternoon snacks, dinner, Regular cost after May 15: $40
Get 25% off the workshop, If you register by May 15,
& for only $15 (50% off) you can get 1 Ayurvedic Spice Box

Workshops by Gayathri Shanbhag, MS-Nutrition, who has over 25 years of experience teaching and inspiring people to cook tasty, healthy, and quick Ayurvedic meals.

Limited space, Please register by ASAP by calling 408-320-2434 OR email:
344 South Monroe Ave, San Jose, CA 95218

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  1. Michelle Carr Crowe says:

    First class on May 4th was great! We learned a lot and quickly went and filled our spice box. We began eating fennel seeds after each meal and brewing the tridoshic tea and drinking it multiple times daily. It has helped lower my sugar levels already. Highly recommend it! Can’t wait for May 18th class to learn more.

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