Last Chance: Register by 10/26 for Morning Wellness Routine Class

Need Practical Solutions to Revitalize your Day? Learn a 60 minute routine
October 20, 2017
11/18 Morning Wellness Routine Class
November 2, 2017

Do you wake up feeling exhausted?
Need practical solutions to revitalize your day?
Learn a 60 minute wellness sequence for a day full of energy & creativity
We are excited about our most popular Morning Wellness Routine Class
on Sat, Oct. 28, 9am-10am at 344 South Monroe Street, San Jose, CA, 95128.

Register by Oct. 26.

During this hour, you will learn a very practical and effective morning wellness routine to care for your eyes, ears, nose, throat, hair, skin, and bowels. You will also learn most effective exercises to strengthen and stretch your muscles and joints. Finally, you will learn relaxation using breath and focusing techniques.

The class is very interactive and you will be participating in the routine that way you can gain the skills necessary to continue this routine at your home every morning to maintain good health and to prevent certain chronic conditions from developing.

Limited space. Please call 408-320-2434 to register for this class.

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