Who is Kid Kapha ?

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February 2, 2017
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kaoha dosha

Understanding Kind Kiddo Kapha



Kid Kapha is structurally and functionally responsible for growth, stability, lubrication, and storage within the body.


It’s Kapha family includes the musculoskeletal frame, composition of all joints, the process of tissue building, wound healing and different accumulations.


This Kiddo Kapha possesses abundance of memory, tranquility, faith, forgiveness, devotion and holds all the beautiful emotions like love, affection, calmness, patience & sympathy. When upset, or out of order, it often gets overly attached, greed and lethargic.


If you are predominant in this Kapha dosha, you are more susceptible to weight gain. This Kid Kapha is made up of the biological principle – water and earth.


What are the features of Kid Kapha? Well, they are – heavy, cold, wet, slow, steady, soft, oily, sweet and smooth.



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