Herbs to Naturally fight off Colds & the Flu

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December 5, 2017
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December 13, 2017

There are three essential steps that must be addressed when utilizing herbal medicine:
1. Kick out the invading pathogen
2. Nourish the respiratory tissue
3. Support the immune system to prevent relapse

Cooling diaphoretics: reducing fever and inflammation
1. Chrysanthemum flower & honeysuckle flower (strongly antimicrobial)

Warming diaphoretics: taken hot to treat the flu. These are mainly used when the predominant symptom is chills
1. Basil Leaf: reduces mucus in lungs and nasal passages, kills bacteria and stimulates the immune system
2. Cinnamon bark

Guduchi: folk remedy for cold and flu, it is considered a broad spectrum anti-microbial and is known for its immunostimulating activity

Always see an Ayurvedic and/or Naturopathic Doctor for proper assessment and guidance before using these herbs.

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