Health & Wellness (4 visits)

Integrated Comprehensive Health & Wellness Program

This includes following Four Visits of 60 minutes each:

Visit 1. Natural Medicine & Ayurveda Consultation, Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

  1. Thorough understanding of you & your health concerns
  2. Detailed medical / health history to get a clear idea of the causative factors involved
  3. Details of habits, diet, digestion, elimination, exercise, sleep, stress, etc.
  4. A focused physical exam
  5. Ayurveda non-invasive exam: Pulse Diagnosis, evaluation of Tongue, Skin, Eyes, Nails & Hair
  6. An evaluation of your mind-body type as per Ayurveda
  7. Review of old lab tests and medical records
  8. If needed, order additional lab tests
  9. In-depth diagnosis of your health problems
  10. Based on all of above, create an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan
  11. Answer your questions…
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Visit 2. Individualized Nutrition & Diet Therapy

  1. Individualized Nutrition Plan for your Bio-Chemical Individuality/Ayurveda Dosha Prakruti
  2. Specific Diet Therapy for your Bio-Chemical & Psycho-Physiological Imbalances / Vikruti
  3. Diet Diary Evaluation and Customized Diet Plan
  4. Healthy Recipes and Menus
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Visit 3. Customized Life-style Modification & Health Routines

  1. Life-style modification with Daily & Seasonal Health Routines
  2. Counseling, Stress Management, Breathing & Relaxation Techniques
  3. Anti-aging, Rejuvenation & Rasayana Therapy
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Visit 4. Detoxification & Pancha Karma Natural Cleanse

  1. Detoxification & Pancha Karma do’s & don’ts Coaching
  2. You will get detailed guidelines about detox diet, detox exercise & yoga, detox breath (pranayama)


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To register for this program & to schedule appointment call: (408) 320-2434