Eight-Week Program: Boost Metabolism & Lose Weight

This 8-week program includes:

1. Initial Consultation for thorough understanding of you and the causes of your weight gain. The causes may include one or more of following: inappropriate quantity or quality of diet, inappropriate quantity or quality of exercise and movement, hormonal imbalance, side effects of medications, accumulation of toxins through water, air, foods, skin care products, gardening or cleaning chemicals.

This Initial Consultation will also involve:boost1-1

  1. A. Detailed medical / health history
  2. Details of diet, digestion, elimination, exercise, sleep, stress, habits
  3. A focused physical exam
  4. Ayurveda non-invasive exam: Pulse Diagnosis, evaluation of Tongue, Skin, Eyes, Nails and Hair
  5. An evaluation of your mind-body type as per Ayurveda
  6. Review of old lab tests and medical records
  7. If needed, order additional lab tests
  8. In-depth diagnosis of your weight gain and lipid metabolism

2. Treatment Plan to Boost Metabolism & Lose Weight Based on the above determination of causes of your weight gain, we will create an individualized & comprehensive treatment plan to Boost Metabolism & Lose Weight and include prescription of:

  1. Weight loss diet
  2. Vitamins & mineral supplements
  3. Herbal medicines
  4. Exercise and movement
  5. Natural detoxification
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3. Eight Weeks Supply of Nutritional supplements and Herbal medicines for natural weight loss

boost3-14. Two focused Nutritional Consultations to evaluate your diet & cravings and to customize your nutrition plan for natural weight loss. These include:

  1. Individualized Nutrition Plan for your Bio-Chemical Individuality/Ayurveda Dosha Prakruti
  2. Specific Diet Therapy for your Bio-Chemical & Psycho-Physiological Imbalances / Vikruti
  3. Diet Diary Evaluation and Customized Diet Plan
  4. Healthy Recipes and Menus
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5. Personalized Detox/ Cleansing Session to guide you in for a Natural Home Cleanse for natural weight loss.Detoxification do’s & don’ts Coaching during which you will get detailed guidelines about detox diet, detox exercise & yoga, detox breath (pranayama)

day1-3 day1-4 day1-5

6. In addition, you will get Specific Guidelines on natural weight loss with Health Routines, Stress Management, Yoga & Pranayama.

To register for this program & to schedule appointment call: (408) 320-2434 www.NaturalMedicineandAyurveda.com