Ayurvedic Morning Routines

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March 3, 2017
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March 29, 2017
ayurvedic morning routines

Ayurvedic Morning Routines

Energetic waking, Oral and Dental hygiene

Mornings are very auspicious times as per Ayurveda. The time of Sunrise is ‘Sattva time’. So starting your day with Sattva energy will make the day more fulfilling, energetic & rewarding.

If you use 40 minutes of your morning everyday for Wellness, it will make your life full of vibrant health, happiness & creativity. In this post, we are highlighting Oral & Dental Hygiene as per Ayurveda.


1. Early to rise

Wake up around 5:30 AM. Use the bathroom for urination and bowel movements.


2. Oral Hygiene


a. Teeth & Gums Care (Danta Dhavana)

Brush Teeth with natural toothpaste/toothpowder of astringent/bitter/pungent taste. Lax Veda serves this goal. Moisten toothbrush, dip in Lax Veda powder and brush teeth and massage gums with it for about 5 minutes, spit out and rinse mouth with water.


b. Tongue Care (Jivha Nirlekhana)

Scrape Tongue with the Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper with gentle back to forward scraping movement with tongue sticking out. Wash the Tongue Scraper and rinse the mouth with water.

Having a clean mouth allows you to start your day afresh & full of confidence. Oral hygiene is the first step towards prevention of oral and digestive disorders.


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