Avoid seasonal health problems with the help of : Whole Body Natural Detox & Rejuvenation: Pancha Karma

Preparing for Fall: Vata Season
September 7, 2018
Hiring ND / Nutritionist for San Jose Clinic
September 15, 2018
Whole Body Natural Detox & Rejuvenation:
7 Day Pancha Karma
Pancha Karmas are natural detoxification & rejuvenation procedures for effectively removing accumulated toxins from the whole body.These natural treatments first loosen the toxins. Next they liquefy the loosened toxins and remove them from the body. To rid the body of accumulated toxins, Pancha Karma includes use of individualized:
1. Detox diets: We will cook customized Ayurvedic meals for you
2. Detox exercises & Yoga stretches like Sun-salutes
3. Nutritional supplements & Herbal Formulas(Deepan/Paachana)
4. Mild fasting(Langhana) with herb tea, vegetable soup & kichadi
5. Lymphatic Detox Massage with medicinal herbal oils(Abhyanga)
6. Detox Massage with herbal powders(Udvartana)
7. Five Senses Detox (Shiro-Dhara + Nasya + Karna-puran)
8. Circulatory Detox Sauna for sweating(Swedan)
9. Upper & Lower Digestion & Metabolic Detox with herbal purgatives(Virechan)
10. Lower Digestion & Metabolic Detox with gentle enema therapy(Basti)
During the first five days, you will come to the clinic for about 2.5 hours every day for above described detox treatments.
For more information about the Detox-Rejuvenate Program at the Natural Medicine & Ayurveda Clinic, Academy, & Wellness Spa, please contact 408-320-234 or email NaturalMedicineAndAyurveda@gmail.com

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