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Frustrated with impersonal & indifferent HMO & doctors? Concerned with chemical pills suppressing symptoms and leaving disease uncured? Scared of side effects? As your Compassionate Wellness Coach, we give you relief from acute & chronic diseases and guide you into a Healthy Lifestyle of Nutrition & Fitness, which is customized, easy-to-follow, natural and holistic.

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Dr. Shanbhag & Team of 5 Integrative Health Experts
344 South Monroe St, San Jose, CA 95128 .

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  • Sharmila P.
    I would highly recommend the "Do-it-yourself Detox, Weight Loss & Rejuvenation" to everyone out there. Its easy to follow. Dr. Shanbhag gives a lot of support and clear instructions. The instructions are given by way of online workshop and detailed manual. The supplements, oils, herbs and the manual are shipped in advance so that you can plan your detox ahead of time. All the recipes are demonstrated over video call. I had a chronic bloating and back problem. With regular exercise and detox and herbs, i would say the progress is very good. Dr. Shanbhag is very good at diagnosing your health problems. I would highly recommend Gayathri's diet consultation as well. She is very resourceful and informative. I like the fact that none of the diet changes are like those crash diets which are not sustainable.
    Sharmila P.
  • Alex Janssen
    Dr. Shanbhag and his team have helped me with my sleep problems and headache problems and I am so thankful for that! I highly recommend this place it really does work! I'm glad that I had found Dr. Shanbhag and natural medicine because I could see the problems that were happening by taking normal drugs too much and the natural supplements have worked just as well. If you are skeptical, don't be because it all works and makes me feel great!
  • Paula West, MD
    Taking prescribed Ayurvedic Medicine not only improved my energy but also relieved my allergies, low mood and sinusitis. I often refer my own patients to be seen by Dr. Shanbhag.
  • Cathy Cruikshank, Trial Lawyer
    I rely on an effective form of health care that has been around for at least the last fifty centuries. I recommend Dr. Shanbhag’s clinic to everyone.
  • Susan Clark, MD
    I came to Dr. Shanbhag after trying many things. He has helped me tremendously over the past two and a half years.